COVID-19 – Communication #5

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)LATEST STATUS –  THERMO ELECTRIC ACTIVITY

As of May 5th, we are grateful to inform you that our production teams across our factories are in good health and doing their very best to weather the actual unprecedented storm. Our #1 commitment remains to secure a safe working environment for all our team and therefore to continue supporting our customers who need more than ever our temperature solutions.

Please find below the latest update of our manufacturing sites:


1- USA – West Chester PA Plant: OPEN

Operating normally under WHO & CDC strict safety rules. Factory classified as Life Sustaining business under PA regulation.

Governor Wolf letter to Thermo Electric

2- UK – Sittingbourne Plant: OPEN

Operating normally under WHO and NHS strict safety rules

3- INDIA – Gurgaon Plant:  OPEN

Governmental Authorization received on May 5th, 2020 to re-open our production.

Thermo Electric’s top commitments remain to keep our employees safe and to continue supporting our customer during these challenges days.

Be All Safe!

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COVID-19 New Initiative – Individual Thermometer

We are proud to announce a new initiative to help our customers in their effort to keep their life sustaining businesses or for those who are planning to re-open their activities.

To pro-actively detect COVID-19 outbreaks and stop the spread of illness, CDC guidelines recommend businesses to monitor the temperature of their team on a frequent basis. Although, temperature is not necessarily a symptom of COVID-19 illness, the presence of a fever could be a risk of spread.

Unfortunately, the shortage of thermometers makes it very difficult for a lot of businesses to implement such temperature measurement guidance and the demand for a solution has increased over the last few days.

Thanks to our expertise in precise temperature measurement and with the strong motivation to help our community, at Thermo Electric we have developed an individual temperature sensing solution, individual thermometer that will help our customers to monitor the temperatures of their workforce. The solution is a US made with high accuracy and with fast response time. Each employee can be provided with their own oral probe to reduce the risk of spread. With this solution, we are looking forward to helping many businesses to detect potential outbreak in their facilities. Our solution has been designed to fully comply with FDA guideline issued in April 2020 regarding Clinical Electronic Thermometers during the public health emergency.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Thermo Electric remains committed to keep its workforce in good health, therefore, to keep its operation running to support many industries continuity that is vital to overcome this crisis.


For more information about our new individual thermometer solution, Please contact us at

Proud of our Extraordinary Team

During this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our team’s dedication and professionalism have reached extraordinarily high levels. They continue, without any compromise, to do their very best and to care for the safety and the well being of the entire team. In parallel, they continue to deliver on our mission of producing temperature sensors that are so critical to many life sustaining businesses.

We are so proud and thankful of our team who is working hard every day during this crisis. We want to thank them for their positive attitude & great effort.

We are all in this together and we will all succeed together!