New Large Multi-point Thermocouple for Hydrogen Services

Thermo Electric proudly announces that our Indian Manufacturing facility has engineered, designed and manufactured another highly customized multi-point assemblies with secondary containment chamber for the Hydrogen service of the Mathura Refinery.

This highly engineered 5 meters long multicouple has 13 duplex thermocouples, each with different lengths thermocouple. All thermocouples were terminated in Ex-d certified Junction Box with three meters flexible extension.


To ensure world class quality, Thermo Electric has performed extensive none destructive test on the multipoint. The assembly had undergone external hydrostatic pressure test (200bar), Helium leak test and other functional tests which proved the quality of our assembly and thus the quality of our team.

Thermo Electric has the technical expertise to design and manufacture complex temperature sensors which are key in the processes of Hydrogen activities.

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ISO 17025:2017 Certification Announcement

We are glad to announce that our Thermo Electric factory in India is now fully accredited with ISO-17025 from NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories)
The ISO-17025:2017 is the guarantee of the quality and competence of our team and equipment in the testing and in the calibration of temperature measurement solutions.

Our calibration and measuring capabilities are as below:

For RTD’s
0.06°C in the range of -40 to 50°C
0.1°C in the range of 50 to 660°C

For Thermocouples
1.1 °C in the range of 300-1200°C

Thermo Electric is committed to relentlessly improve its Quality Management System in order to provide world class services to its customers.

This new certificate is a major milestone to our Thermo Electric India factory strategy which is to offer a world classy level of products and services from our modern facility

Please click on the below link to get our latest ISO 9001:2015 certificate:

Thermo Electric ISO 17025:2017 Certification