Thermo Electric India – Manufacturing Facility Expansion

Thermo Electric team in front of our Indian factory located in Gurgaon, New Delhi


Thermo Electric is proud to announce the expansion of its Indian manufacturing facility located in Gurgaon, New Delhi Region.

With the extension of our existing manufacturing facility, Thermo Electric India is increasing its production capacity by 75% in order to better serve our customers in our Indian, NMEA and Asia Pacific region and support our strategic growth plan.

Over the last 10 years, Thermo Electric India’s strategy to become the technical expert in temperature measurement in India, Asia Pacific and NMEA has been a real success thanks to the quality and dedication of our team. We have secured a consistent growth and the increase number of customers who trust us, lead us to the expansion of our facility.

This success story was based on a clear and detailled transfer of expertise and technology. Thermo Electric India has been implementing all engineering, manufacturing and quality processes that have been developed by Thermo Electric group over the last 80 years. As a result, Thermo Electric has secured all required certification such as ISO 9001 and ATEX to better serve its top class customers.

With our new expansion, our customers will benefit with top class services from a modern, safe and professional environment.

For any inquiries or questions regarding our range of Temperature solutions, please contact us at:

Opening ceremony in Gurgaon