Thermo Electric was established in 1941 in response to an urgent worldwide need for creative engineering in the field of Temperature Measurement. A group of men, led by Mr. Fred S. Walter, raised in the Engineering, Production, Design, and Installation of Temperature sensors formed the nucleus of new company.

Early 1950’s, Thermo Electric started its international expansion with the opening of a new factory in Ontario, Canada. In parallel, TE engineering team brought many new patented sensing solutions that became the standard to worldwide industry’s most demanding temperature measurement challenges. In 1967, Thermo Electric registered its brand new logo that became the symbol of innovation, quality and reliability for temperature measurement solutions.

Thermo Electric’ plant and headquarter in Saddle Brook, N.J – 1950’s

Since 1941, Thermo Electric has been the Design Leader and Premier Manufacturer of Industrial Temperature Sensors serving customers throughout the world. Thermo Electric’s solutions are guaranteed to give its customers sensitivity, fast response and consistent accuracy. Thermo Electric is committed to deliver its innovative measurement solutions on time with a world class technical service.


Thermo Electric offers an array of products that are specialized, customized and required in any temperature measurement process. Our offering is organized by the following 7 families:




Thermo Electric offers Proximity Quality Services to its Customers, thanks to its Manufacturing Facilities located in USA, UK and India.

In parallel, Thermo Electric offers high level of responsiveness and services thanks to its European and Canadian Sales office located in Belgium and in Toronto.

All TE production facilities use the same Quality, Engineering and Manufacturing Processes as the ones established and improved at its US headquarters for the last 80 years.




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