Very often there is a need to measure a temperature profile across a large tank or vessel. The method used is the multicouple which is an arrangement of thermocouple positions with measuring junctions at various depths. The intent is to monitor a number of temperatures at various points with all thermocouples or RTD’s contained in one assembly.

Multicouples are used in catalytic crackers, limekilns, distillation columns, pressurized reactor vessels and a host of other applications where such profiles are necessary. These type assemblies can be “miniaturized” where they are three feet long with two or three sensors, or they can be any length, even over one hundred feet long with twelve or more sensors.

Multicouples generally consist of a junction box suitable for terminating the thermocouples and joining them to cables running back to the measuring instrument, the thermocouples arrangement at various depths and a pipe protection well capable of withstanding the pressures and corrosives in the vessel.

Multicouples are custom made to locate measuring junctions at the key points in your process. Our years of experience and our qualified applications engineers can assist you in technical design of the proper multicouple.