Instrumented Wafer Quote Form

  • As a standard, Thermo Electric supplies mechanical grade silicon wafers. They are meant to match the thermal profile of a silicon wafer but are not intended to be transformed into semiconductor devices. Sometimes our wafers will have minor cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, spots, or blemishes on the surface. These are strictly cosmetic and have no impact on performance. If your application cannot accept this, we can upgrade your wafer to a prime grade silicon wafer and limit the number of cosmetic imperfections. This requires additional processing and will be subject to an additional fee and longer lead time.
  • mm
  • inches
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  • degrees
  • The following assembly illustration is for points 1-12
  • Radius from center in millimetersAngle in degrees 
    Thermo Electric offers a hardware and software solution for up to 64 mini plug inputs.
    A configuration file would be needed if you already own a Thermo Electric Data Acquisition system, and you are ordering a new wafer design and wish to use an existing Thermo Electric Data Acquisition system.
    Additional Information: All Thermo Electric (TE) products are custom made to every customer’s individual specifications. Each customer reserves the right to a 10-day trial period (starting with the receipt of goods) in order to determine that the product is accurate and built within the desired specifications. After 10 days the customer is deemed by TE to have accepted the product’s specifications. Thermo Electric offers a Limited warranty on all wafer products. Any product that has been identified by the customer as “Defective” may be returned to TE for analysis. TE reserves the right to inspect each product on a case by case basis to determine the cause of the defect. In the event of a factory defect TE will replace or repair the unit free of charge. TE will not be liable for any defects caused by improper handling, over temperature conditions, improper use or improper design.