Customized Multicouple Project Shipped with Success

Thermo Electric has just completed the design, manufacturing and testing of a large 23 ft (7m) Multicouple with a total of 6 thermocouples of different lengths. This Multicouple will be used by our customer in a critical oil & gas application.

Full hydrostatic test had been performed which required a customized set-up to accommodate the length of the Multicouple and the size of its flange. (see right picture)


Multicouple are used in catalytic crackers, limekilns, distillation columns, pressurized reactor vessels and a host of other applications where such profiles are necessary. These type assemblies can be “miniaturized” where they are three feet long with two or three sensors, or they can be any length, even over one hundred feet long with twelve or more sensors.

Thermo Electric has developed a broad and unique level of expertise for Multicouple applications. For any inquiries or questions regarding our Multicouple Solutions please contact us at: Keep reading →

Thermo Electric at Semicon West 2019

Thermo Electric is looking forward to meeting you at the next Semicon West Trade Show in order to present our Instrumented Wafers Solutions.

The Semicon West Trade Show will be held in San Francisco, California at the Moscone center from the 9th- 11th of July.

Please visit us at our Booth 5268 where you will see the variety of solutions and services that we offer to meet your temperature measurement needs.

Thermo Electric designs and manufactures temperature measurement solutions that are guaranteed to give you sensitivity, fast response and consistent accuracy with greatest sensor to sensor uniformity. Thermo Electric is committed to deliver its innovative instrumented wafer solutions on time with a world class technical service.

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Special Application: Stagnation Thermocouples

THERMO ELECTRIC offers a large range of Special Application Thermocouples that have been developed over the last 78 years.

STAGNATION THERMOCOUPLES, classified as NSN 6685-00-203-2389  are one of the many special application thermocouples that Thermo Electric has been maintaining expertise and have been manufacturing for decades.

This special  thermocouples are used on jet engines and gas turbine generators to measure the temperature of inlet air and exhaust gases. The strategically located holes in the protection tube “stagnate” the air as it rushes past the thermocouple sensing tip. This reduces the amount of frictional heating caused by the high velocity air streaming measures the temperature of the gas.

Other configurations are available to measure total stream, or combination gas temperatures.

For any inquiries or questions regarding our Special Application Temperature Solutions please contact us at: