Multicouple 31 Points Designed & Manufactured to IOCL

Thermo Electric proudly announces that our Indian Manufacturing facility has engineered, designed and manufactured three (3) specialized thermocouples assemblies of  31-point (Multicouple assemblies) for the high temperature pre-reformer of Hydrogen generation unit of BS-6 project at Indian Oil Guwahati refinery. The Guwahati refinery was built in 1962 and has a capacity of 1.0 million metric tonnes per annum.

The 31-point multicouple request was made to replace an existing thermocouple. The existing installed solution needed to be technically improved with the challenge to add up to 31 points. This is when Thermo Electric India offered its technical expertise and support to IOCL.

The new approved solution has been designed for the optimization of our customer process and with the objective to increase the accuracy & reliability of the temperature measurement within the hydrogen generation unit.

Thermo Electric India will supervise the installation of these assemblies at IOCL site during 2020 1st Quarter.

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